Saturday, August 12, 2006

Invariable Rules

From the rants and observations series

Several times and while discussing the world events, I have been asked if I knew the Truth. My knowledge being limited, I sincerely have sincerely no clear idea as how to define the Truth but surely can describe what "It" is not, based on
6000 years of history ...

So here we go:Why Does History Repeat itself? Because we always repeat the same mistakes, that's as simple as that. It is pure intellectual masochism to come up with excuses such as:

"there will always be someone to take over"

"the world will never change, masses are sheeple but the task of the government is making sure that everybody gets the minimum educative requirements"…"

without gov'ts' intervention, there would be chaos"…

"previous empires collapsed, right, but this time it is different" ...

"Humanitarianism must be enforced otherwise more than half of the world would be in deep poverty by now"...

"Man is fundamentally evil"... etc.

So let's consider some of the most important "Invariable Universal Rules"
The fate of societies will always depended on Man's abilities to overcome linear thinking. Man too often projects himself into the future with his contemporary views while neglecting that Evolution is exponential. It is then very easy to always fall short and blame other factors. Alas forgetting the "exponential side effect" may well lead to Judgment Day. Lies and fallacies which are not addressed will require additional lies and fallacies to hide the previous ones, and so on, until saturation is reached. Pop goes the bubble of cherished delusions!

Man' self-interest, own survival and pursuit of happiness are ultimate invariable rules. The human nature has not changed since the beginning of Mankind. Not acknowledging this will doom whatever forecast. When people are hungry, forget about spirituality and responsible behaviors. So from there, the only conclusion is that everything is linked to economics, thus:

Everything is a matter of supply and demand.
Improving ones' intellect and fast is necessary because of competition itself. Laziness will always be punished, one way or another and in due time. Sometimes it may take generations to come true though. Curiosity and intellectual stagnation are antagonists. Centralization of power (by a gov't or whatever monopoly) prevents people from thinking straight because instead of thinking for themselves citizens must choose among their own gov't' s proposals. And since Elites always make
the rules for themselves...

There is no such thing as giving particular rights to *some* humans or entities because of the self-interest of Man. Socialism and Corporatism are deceptions. Today corporations are sponsored with taxpayers' money, so workers can get a job they are said. Alas when times are bad, cartels happen to mass-lay off quickly. Corporatism today comes down to Corporatocracy. "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." Feudalism at its finest. As for socialism, it is a system that authorizes the legal plunder by its citizens. Socialist beacon Sweden collected an awesome 63% of GDP in taxes. How long can it last? Socialism is a political system that denies the validity of property rights. Under socialism and corporatism, in other words Collectivism, Man loses his sovereignty. However global corporatism is on the brink: in January 06 we'd read in the
the that "fake goods" explosion may reach $2,000bn within 20 years.

Twenty years is an optimistic scenario considering the exponential factor. Never mind, now let's take a look at the real situation: first corporations take over the world with "fake money/loans", relocate in China & Co where they exploit sweat shops, all of this while eating the biggest pieces of pie of the world economy and thus killing the competition... counterfeiters who follow the path of the least resistance and envy the success of those world famous brands unleash their knock-offs whose money is being laundered into the system, just like the money linked to the war on drugs.Most of the people do not cope well with "rationality" because of the so many fallacies taught as "conventional wisdom".

Rationality is everything that can be proven with "sound" numbers and the help of logic and reason.

Logic and reason often (if not always) agree with the ethics of
self-esteem but also self-interest and therefore seem to be an obstacle in our Judeo-Christian societies. Because of the Natural Laws Of Unintended Consequences, logic and reason harm much less humans/societies.

There is no free lunch:
Mother Nature wants us to be fully self-responsible ultimately. And turning a blind eye to this fact is debasing Nature. Humanity ought to adopt mathematical thinking as soon as possible considering the merging of physics, philosophy, spirituality and economics which is currently taking place. Everything in the Universe is ruled by mathematics and our intellect ought to follow that very model.Demand and supply are balanced when consumers know the "truth" and the meaning of sound economics, why currencies must be backed by
an intrinsic value. Today we've a worldwide mix between socialism and capitalism: mixed-economy is a sign of intellectual chaos. People often blame capitalism and free market theories while ignoring that central banking is the 5th plank and taxation is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Our current financial system is in fact mainly inspired by collectivism. Free market is just an appearance.Knowledge is power and infinite, hence certainties DO NOT exist. A perpetual objective stance and open-mindness ought to be adopted toward everything, If you wish to believe in something that cannot be verified rationally/empirically, keep it at home but do not force it on people (ie: religion/faith)

If You Expect a Nation to be Ignorant and Free, You Expect What Never was and can Never be Jefferson once said.

Intelligence will forever rule ignorance, directly or not.
Conclusion: ignorance is the root of all evil. Existentially the challenge will always be **Man vs Himself**. Violence does not and cannot exist by itself; it is invariably intertwined with the lie" is a very famous quote by the dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn.Free Speech is the only tool to gain/access knowledge/Freedom. Free Speech and Knowledge are the nemeses of Power. When everybody "knows", nobody can take over.It is thus in the self-interest of "The Powers That Be" to keep you in the dark, poor and stupid. Power is addictive. Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

All empires have collapsed, remember? So why supporting them any further? Too much power is always a sign of (hidden) abuse and crimes. Did you ever see a "fat lion" in the wilderness by any chance? So why letting oneself rule by professional liars? Wars and financial crises are gov'ts' failures, yet the gov'ts always get away with it. All those endless reforms are the proofs that the gov'ts always fail. Can you name one gov't program which has worked out? Look at the UN for example. More than 50 years of failure. This infamous organization has not been able to solve poverty, corruption, famine and genocides.From there it only takes one step to conclude that masses are afraid of freedom. They'd rather choose tyranny and slavery instead. How rational is that very fear? So masses condone the use of force and coercion, say nothing when their gov't kills foreigners/dissidents at home or abroad… the problem is that preferring coercion over freedom calls for many double standards, all of which causes social disruptions and is the root cause of military conflicts. For example, is it okay to say: if you're my friend, you can have nuclear weapons?

Considering the nature of Power itself, why not abolishing the concept of standing armies once and for all?Double standards allow some wars to be called "genocides". But all wars are genocides. All wars are about racket and power. All wars are immoral therefore and above above all delusions - because lawmakers on both sides of the conflicts never tell their citizens the truth. As long as there will a majority of people unaware of the true nature of power, there will always be someone dreaming of becoming the master of the Universe.Remember, the ultimate value is "survival".

Man is capable of perfection but if you make sure to keep him busy fighting for his own survival while teaching him irrationality, you will morph him into a beast (or a sheep) eventually.

When gov't fear the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tyranny - Thomas Jefferson.

Lawmakers live in anarchy among themselves and always make the rules for themselves, hence more transparency and caution are required. The bigger the centralization of power, the bigger the threat. Any monopoly is the wolf in sheep clothing. Man is not fundamentally evil but extremely gullible. He believes that force and coercion are the only way to solve problems. But violence and coercion beget more violence. One of the best examples today is the so-called "war on drugs".

There is no such thing as a group enforcing Human Rights.
Human Rights start with human sovereignty and thus self-responsibility, free speech and free will. There is no free will without Knowledge but barbarism. There is no such thing as a forest. All we can see is many trees. It is impossible to save all of them. Failures must be seen as an existential experience.Don't ever trust a majority because it is trendy/secure or seen as conventional wisdom. Knowledge never stagnates but evolves constantly. Masses' opinions are like killing highways.Democracy is the rule of the Majority. Democracy is potentially the most dangerous of the political systems. All political parties have been infiltrated by powerful lobbies and are now corrupt to the core. The Elites use the word "democracy" to enforce "divide to rule/conquer" …

once said: all democracies descend into despotism. Socrates abhorred democracies too by the way. Democracy works only for a small entity, such as a village. On a large scale it is the mob rule. Even The Founding Fathers knew about the democratic evil. This is why they made America a Republic. If democracy were so good: why is America a 72TN credit bubble ready to explode? Why do we have a global war on terror which might last longer than the Cold War?The ultimate conclusion is that people must stop seeing the gov't as an entity which can solve all problems and above all redistribute wealth. It cannot. Because every human being follows his own instinct of survival - and his own visions of pursuit of happiness.

Principle of Liberty Goes Along With Self Ownership (slide show
)Only the supply and demand can rule Man' survival when "free speech" is available and truly enforced by societies.

Dissenting is the task of any Freedom Lover. In the early 1550s, Etienne de la Boetie already questioned the system when he wrote The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude
.There are only two political systems: collectvism (central govt planning) and individualism (empowerment of human sovereignty). Individualism protects the common man from powerful corporations. Central gov't planning always lead to fascism because Power is only self-interested in growing bigger and a fundamentally corrupt concept... Don't let yourself fooled by the the lesser evilism. Unless a theft or a killing is at stake, intervening in the others' lives by enforcement is morally wrong. Taxation is unethical because everybody cheats on his taxes when possible. In the long run taxes always increase and become an unbearable burden. Not to mention that they do not achieve their goal: if they were how can we explain that 10 trillions of dollars of dollars didn't help eliminate poverty in America. Taxes for social programs are morally wrong because they put communities into a deep debt-black hole eventually. They are never enough because of Man' self-interest and natural path of the least resistance. Programs help plunder societies, transfer wealth in the hands of a few and corrupt the voting process. Gov'ts do not sponsor wars but the citizens. Taxation is the power to destroy.

everything that is not voluntary and benevolent is doomed to fail. Enforcement of humanitarianism is a deception
: 20% of the aid actually goes to the poor! Natural laws punish the enforcement of "good intentions" that do not take into account logic and reason. This is why charity only works extremely locally. Taking care of the poor in one's neighborhood is key. There is no such a thing as saving the world. To act globally, act first locally.The business of lending money called usury is unethical but accepted by our "want-it-now-culture". For lenders everything is alright as long as consumers do not forget their minimum monthly payments. Usury has been denounced by almost every major spiritual leader and philosopher of the past three thousand years. Plato, Aristotle, Cato, Cicero, Seneca, Plutarch, Aquinas, Jesus, Mohammed and Moses are just a few. "What do you think of murder?" Cato asked when referring to usury. There are more debt-slaves today than four centuries ago the National Geographic revealed in 2005. How many citizens from the so-called rich West know that Foreign aid from rich to poor countries totals $50 billion annually while $500 billion in dirty money flows from poor to rich?

Despite the facts, many economists claim to have an ethical arguments defending usury, it goes without saying that their cherished delusions (ie: plots to enslave the world) do not know any boundaries... If you knew that piling on debts was bad for your country and beloved ones in the long run, would you still be looking for loans to live beyond your means?Ignorance not bliss: It has been a quite long while that I have spent some time to warn people around me, told them about the economic hit men. Most do not seem to care. Though, let's not throw stones at them too quickly, such a stance is easy to interpret: after all why should they bother, the gov't right now seems so good to them, doesn't it? Why accusing some of plundering the world when we, in the West, live so richly and seem to have the "right leaders" who seem to have everything under control...

Err, by the way a
headline said Feb 06 that the US on track to hit debt ceiling mid-Feb. Do you hear the ticking bomb? When the system will fall apart - implode completely - just remember that the problems always were " the centralization of planning along with dishonest money and usury" the culprits. "Free Market along with honest money and sound economics" are the root of all good. Alas it is something "they" fail to teach us. Are they stupid or do they do they have a plan?One last word: In order to undo what the Elites have done since millennia we ought to believe in the fundamental smartness and creativity of Human Beings. We ought have the courage to debamboozle history. We ought to comprehend that there is no race/culture more evil than another one in the end: one needs to be two to tango. We ought to acknowledge that we all have equally suffered. We ought to understand that the first step toward a change will demand the reform our global monetary system because only honest money can help Man think straight ... everything being a matter of demand and supply, remember?

A few Quotes To Chew on:

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. – James Madison. ....... "We know in the not too distant future, a half dozen corporations are going to control the media. We took this step (merger) to ensure we were one of them"--Time Warner spokesperson...... What luck for rulers that men do not think. -- Adolf Hitler