Thursday, January 24, 2008

Global Junkification

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The first paragraph of an editorial is always crucial. My hook scenes are often hard-hitting and generally plunge the neophytes into a hostile macro-micro environment where there is no place to hide. Retrospectively, 2001 was the year of the discovery that billions of world citizens had embarked on a runaway train whose destination is still unknown, up to this very day.

Before delving into the topic of sound money, it would be useful to make a compelling observation. On one hand as it seems easy to have one-to-one uplifting discussions, on the other hand it is illusory to think that it works the same way for a large group. Conformism is the word coming directly to mind; it is the mother of all theories inviting the biblical Horsemen to show up. Once the mechanics of conformism are taken into account, destiny and shocks to the system can be predicted. Conformism is rooted in the 'fear of fearing ignorance' that portrays humans as 'evil creatures' condemned to oblivion. There will not be any 'divine' intervention but Chaos brought upon us mainly because of the fear of dissent.

Philosophical Insight 101
Dissenting has a vital role socially because it forces everybody to pay attention to other aspects. Dissent is nonetheless considered a threat because conventional thinking has inseminated into our psyche erroneous concepts taken as holy truths. Most mainstreams ideas - if not all - are outdated because knowledge advances inexorably and that it is in the interest of the powers-that-be to outsmart the population, otherwise control wouldn't be possible at all.

The individual either within a group, or under peer pressure, chooses self-censorship for the sake of the conformity. The group comes first. It is puzzling and irritating at once because behind the façade, people think differently. It is thus mind boggling and even appalling to hear a person with whom you thought of having a lot in common, deliberately start speaking otherwise when socializing. Centuries have tamed citizens' spirit, forced them into submission for the sake of the system' stability. Alas that very stability, as demonstrated below, is the road to serfdom, and ultimately nothingness. Anything that tries to dismantle the pyramidal and feudal hierarchy is perceived as a threat. Masses sadly endorse any elitist bad management as a necessary evil because they are so familiar with it. They are used to lament but feel powerless to change the course of events. Needless to say it is pretty bad out there, why the heck would one want to risk the Unknown, which could be even more threatening? Such a train of thoughts is instilled into people's mind from birth in order to force the 'Social Order' upon them.

There are actually many people understanding this but who would rather opt for a continued tyranny over the inherent dangers in Freedom. Paradoxically these people will go in great lengths to describe the vicious consequences of greed and power, although they realize that their lives are going from bad to worse. Afraid of social blow-outs, they are just trying to toss the dangers away, expecting the next generation to fix the imperfections ... but since every generation passes the buck to the next, so what?

Without the taxpayers, the government cannot produce anything. Nonetheless socialism has convinced the masses that a world left to itself is condemned to eradication. Such thinking has built a structure within which the 'managing elites' survive as mere parasites. They are behind the 5 trillion-armament race during the Cold War and now ready to throw us in into WW3. Their tricks to stay on welfare ad vitam eternam are simple: fiat money and progressive taxation, which has defeated so many civilizations. In 6,000 years, the end result today is a financial industrial complex whose ramifications are just too obscene for the common man to grasp. For how long will this bottomless deception be allowed to last? It was B. Franklin who said - if I remember well - that 'truth will prevail if left to herself'. And it is exactly what the Universe has for us in the store but not without unleashing several calamities.

Some people, and this doesn't require a college degree, can sense the difference between morality and legality, and understand that what is legal is not always moral. Individuals always collude and the task of a collective unconscious is precisely to protect the 'clan'. Sure, depending on the premises being put forward, a collective behavior is not necessarily a bad thing. But a group that doesn't take into account the 'individuality' of each participant is doomed to fail.

The Teachings of Buddhabot
A while back, I read an interesting article written in 2006 about the ever growing potential of Buddhabot, a software program now superior to human intelligence. Buddhabot has already released its own 10 Declarations. Four of them caught my attention in particular since they can be proven with economic data and summarize the six other ones:

1) There are no laws but provisional theories
2) Everybody is responsible for what it is
3) Whatever we resist will persist
4) Every belief is neither true nor false

Although everybody knows that killing and stealing are crimes, there are no laws, only provisional theories. Indeed what to think of the ageless tale of Robin Hood stealing from the rich in favor of the poor or the case of self-defense? To give you an idea, the other day on the Science Channel, a physicist investigating the universe's Dark Matter confessed that the gravity laws established by Newton turned out to be partially wrong. Everything evolves and as knowledge progresses daily we easily conceive the pitfalls of civilizations. Crimes too evolve, become more sophisticate or are made laws to subdue the people. Despite this, every civilization embraces the slogan: 'this time 'is' different'. How coherent is it to repeat something has been proven wrong throughout history? Knowledge is the highest value and therefore the containment of the masses only works temporarily. Buried or unseen facts operate as remote bombs or grenades, depending on their importance. They eventually go off and spread panic or chaos. We grasp the futility of laws when analyzing our endless reforms that never address the core of the issues whatsoever - due to the generational indoctrination.

There are simply no social steady models possible, hence the emergency to teach that self-responsibility and determination are essential and the root of all good. Instead of begging for an ever-growing government enabled by our highly coercive tax system, which today shows its absolute worthlessness.

Sound Economics To The Rescue
Over the last 40 years, we have been reassured that globalization was the universal cure to eradicate poverty. No later than mid-January 2008, the Davos Committee released its dire report:

A U.S. recession with fallout on European economies, a crisis in energy and food supplies worldwide, at their lowest level ever, and globalization of risks are the threats to the world economy for the next ten years... According to the study, the current liquidity crisis from the subprimes will most likely cause a recession in the United States in the next 12 months, leaving Asia and Europe at the helm of the world economy.... it is certain that Europe alone will not be able to do it, but "with the strong presence of the British financial sector the
area is vulnerable."

Consuming Our Way to Unhappiness: Meanwhile the systematic pillages of natural resources has achieved our worst ecological nightmares and through the WTO agreements totaling 2,550 or so pages drafted for the sake of economic growth (or so we were told) and extreme consumerism. To address the matters, the main idea advised by ill-informed specialists of all kinds goes toward an agenda reducing our consumption, although the latter also warn that it would bust the whole world economy!!! So here we have the formula induced by the Academia and their followers who put us into this mess in the first place. The same con-men who told us that the sky was the limit since WW2. That is truly great, isn't it?

It should be obvious by now that the United Nations is a foster for corporations colluding with the World Bank, IMF and their own economic hitmen. Here is an enlightening story: Last October, a delegation of rainforest pygmies from Democratic Republic of Congo flew to Washington to complain to the World Bank about its support for wholesale logging to help rebuild the war-ravaged economy. The plan, you see, is a poisoned gift since it is devastating their forests... Nearly 40 million people depend on the forests for medicines, shelter, timber and food. Threatening the gorillas in the same time. An independent panel also accuses the bank of misleading Congo's government about the value of its forests and of breaking its own rules. The groups claimed that the bank-backed system of awarding vast logging concessions to companies to exploit the forests was causing "irreversible harm" ... full stories

Long story short, the true environmental cost of our materialistic addiction goes hand in hand with the 'shop until you die' legacy. In my previous editorial I mentioned the atrocious pollution of the Asian rivers, all made possible by spending more than we earn. So dear readers, what brought us to the abyss are the billions of education degrees issued with the certified label reading 'beacon of democracy'. Buddhabot has a point here: there are no laws but provisional theories and everybody is responsible for what it is. Every hidden facts have unintended consequences, would they be intentionally concealed or not. Many represent taboos molding societies; they are protected by educational concepts such as political correctness and herd mentality. Both result in severe biases helping intolerance flourish and allow more (news) distortions and (political) manipulations further. It is way easier to explain this to an individual in private than a group, simply because political correctness, or the phobia to offend others prevents genuine opinions from circulating. The lack of intellectual adaptability and self-esteem are highly damaging. On an economic level, it shouldn't come as a surprise to find out that Low Self-Esteem and Materialism Goes Hand in Hand. Indeed how will we be feeling when confronted with the illusion of prosperity?

Whatever we resist will persist. Over the centuries, a generational indoctrination in favor of security and linear thinking has worked its way through as an axiom. Alas if we are honest with ourselves, we observe that the "Act of Living" requires continual mutations. Under such circumstances, resisting change appears futile. On an economic level, it has become blatant that egalitarian principles are skewed premises that have enriched the top 2% of the planet. Today corporations and their lobbies rule the world - business Lobby presses agenda before 08 votes. What to say about the Democratic party of the rich?... or how to explain the nasty side effects of political Free Lunch enriching the wealthiest Americans at the taxpayers expenses? David Cay Johnston (author of Free Lunch) gave an interview on in which you can hear that the mogul Donald Trump earned millions of dollars, using an tax advantage (read: loophole) for the poor. Allo Houston?!

Everything is neither true nor false because everything can be used as a double-edged sword, to do evil and good. Four thousand years of history teaches us that. Forget about the bottomless and corruption one minute and think of our inextricable demographic headache. Now that the birth rate in the so-called rich countries has gone south since the 1980's, unless taxes are raised drastically, who is going to pay for social security and other entitlement programs? So where are the rewards of that 'altruistic group thinking' exactly when now faced with the stupid boomer myth and the coming Wave Of Illegals Turning Into Tsunami ? At the same time let's take the charity of rescuing addicts despite themselves bringing cartels hundreds of billions yearly... and has filled prisons with a record amount of inmates. The U.S. prison system has now proven a costly and harmful failure. What has achieved all those government's education programs in concrete terms? Nada... Maybe this time, the coercive psychiatric establishment, that sold us the depression of Tony Soprano for the sake of profits and power, will end up being right on the target.

How to get back to sanity? Although the numbers may have different values in other galactic systems, here on Earth, their intrinsic value cannot be denied. The problem is that it is easy to debase money. How so? With too much credit flooding the market. 'Usury' is thus the culprit #1 of the upcoming global demise. 'Usury' has been around for centuries because people are always eager to spend beyond their means and are lazy to save. But since the day of Reckoning is approaching fast, it is time to admit to the following: Usury or IOUs, commonly called Fiat Currency is in fact a Destroyer of Labor - Destroyer of Capital. So far the only outspoken monetary reform advocate is Congressman Ron Paul who Introduced 'Bill To Refrom the U.S Monetrary System in 2003. He was followed by the State Representative, Henry W. McElroy and his Monetary Bill in July 03. The Nevada State Ruled The Fed. Reserve as unconstitutional in March in same year. And much more recently, the High Priestess of US Monetarism indicted The Fed ... .. who will be next?

What will have earned the Chinese sweatshops when the so-called rich West will no longer be able to borrow? The World Debt pyramid is crumbling.

There is too much fiction involved here, CNBC Cramer yelled as of 01/07. Cramer continues:

Whe now banks which do not know what they are doing...
Where the heck is the S.E.C? ... I have never seen this
level of fiction... I don't know if I would want
to tell the truth: this is too dangerous... the American
people should be fed up with

Many now worry that the Good Times were mostly a mirage. This global upcoming credit crunch will be a Crisis that may make 1929 look a 'walk in the park' and is going to morph middle-class citizens into 'Tycoons of Debt'. Banks, worldwide, are getting prepared for a brutal stock market capitulation whose impact will detonate first a $700 trillion derivatives scheme which Buffett himself calls 'financial WMDs'. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, in Davos, wrote as of 1/24 that the US is about to slide into the Dangerous 1930s 'Liquidity Trap'. Unfortunately there is more: On the other side of the Atlantic 'European shops saw trading crash in November, the EU statistics agency said this month, adding to signs that the economy may be slowing', a CNN article revealed as of January 8. Even the Euro at risk from Europe’s economic storm. Darker than a parody: US could spark global fall and trigger global recession this year and stymie years of robust growth in Asia and Africa, the UN said last week. Since the current rate of house price decline will destroy $2.2 trillion of wealth this year, we can grasp why the credit card debts are set to soar as does non-payment. According to Paul Craig (former Editor of the Wall Street Journal), 80% of Americans Have Experienced a Falling Share of US Income. There will be No Escape from War and Unemployment, he adds. A Trends Guru is actually foreseeing a 'Wall Street will crash, that everyone's going to be living out of storage lockers and the government won't be able to help. How surreal does it sound? Until it is understood that the power game and highway spending frenzy come with strings attached, the death of the economy will remain the economy of death.

"Naturam non vinces nisi parendo."
(You will not master [conquer] nature unless you obey it.) -- Roger Bacon