Sunday, September 24, 2006

Banking On Armageddon: The Gate To Chaos - Part 3

Fanaticism consists of redoubling youreffort when you have forgotten your aim -- George Santayana

Let's not beat around the bush, the Pope's scathing attack on Islam wasn't meant to be diplomatic; more than anyone else he knows the power of the words and those words have pleased Islamophobics. The fact that he expressed regrets does no longer matter at this stage: the message has gone through whatsoever.

Alas I couldn't care less about anyone going ballistic because of religious beliefs. Enough hypocrisy, religions all share a legacy of blood, a fact that should be widely mentioned in all history textbooks for the sake of wisdom. While our dear Western media reports ad nauseum about the Pope's words targeting Islam, partial and deliberate amnesia struck again. You see, TV broadcasts and newspapers have completely forgotten that last August 2006 the Vatican's envoy in the Holy Land and bishops from three other churches
have launched a rare joint attack on the Christian Zionist movement, accusing it of promoting "racial exclusivity and perpetual war."

Do you hear the ticking clock? This is an omen that may be announcing a sign of The End Of Times. Not the end of Mankind but the end of the world as we know it and along with the brutal transition that is going to throw us all into a religious clash of all time. Are you ready? How can you get yourself prepared? I sincerely would recommend the book by Sam Harris titled:

The End Of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason which takes aim at the destructive fundamentalist trends on all sides of the spectrum throughout history and also pictures religious moderates as the bearers of a terrible dogma, in short arguing that moderation has too its own limits eventually and is thus an illusion of the mind.

Moreover power and religions have always been bedfellows and the current geopolitical climate clearly indicates that the globalist entity named "The New World Order" - NWO - has bailed out the most mainstream doctrines (if not all) to fulfill the sempiternal motto: divide and conquer. Religions are highly sensitive grounds as much lethal as landmines because masses do not get the necessary education to interpret whatever eschatology and that every man has his own understanding about everything.

Not to mention that religious figures are at fault for not closing the gap between materialism and spirituality. According to their agenda the two realms must never reconcile. Ever. Never. Divide and conquer again. Did you ever hear the Pope speak of Jesus chasing the "money changers" out of the Temple, condemning the monetary practices that are still today in place, usury more precisely. Do elementary schools teach this by the way?

While Sam Harris argues that God must go the way of Apollo and Zeus, the arising dilemma is the same that the egg or chicken question - which comes first. Is Faith or their devout followers in this very case the problem ... or otherwise? One thing is more than certain is that one just cannot keep reading

Kant's Critique of Pure Reason - in which Kant argues that analytic reasoning can't tell us anything that isn't already self-evident - over and over to escape the reality of Quantum Physics.

All the major religions warned against materialism and wr

ongly spiritualists have trashed it constantly. Up to this day, I haven't yet heard the Dalai Lama - nor the Pope - giving a press conference addressing to the global monetary fraud, have you? So what? Yep, you got it: the Devil definitely wears pink. There are lots of people who do not have any religious beliefs but comprehend what ethical codes of conduct mean. Humanity always has questioned and probed the existence of "a" God and it is our inalienable right to do so. The ever-growing global turbulences indicate that the next great battle of Mankind is accepting that Faiths cannot resolve our cultural nor existential misunderstandings.

Because of the mathematical and exponential structure of the Universe, everything it rules must obey the Chaos Theory, but there are two different kinds of Chaos. That leading to order... or its opposite to annihilation. We have the right to choose as always. That leading to order demands benevolent actions based on knowledge and logic. And the failure to respond simply implies a return to the Nothingness. At this stage explaining those very concepts refers to utopia, although the only way toward a viable exit. But we've got to wonder who the real utopians are in the end because shooting oneself in the foot or harming beloved ones ultimately is, in this particular case, no more less than extreme masochism and sadism.

There is no Freedom and free will without Kowledge but barbary, failed models and deceits. Truth stands by itself completely. Individualistic humility and cooperation to beat the matrix is thus essential to empower our inalienable rights as Human Beings... shall we succeed?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Banking On Armageddon: Truth Is Unprofitable - Part 2

While many would argue that Truth is purely subjective, here is a truth that is invariable thus objective: Truth is unprofitable because myths and deceptions are exposed all of which makes exploitation and coercion look futile.This is also not without a reason that Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said “Violence does not and cannot exist by itself; it is invariably intertwined with the lie." This quote does not only apply to physical confrontations but every problem we encounter. When something undesirable occurs, we'd systematically wonder: this may very well be about a lie or a cherished delusion we have told to ourselves.

"The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject." -- Marcus Aurelius

The subject in this particular case and which that needs to be debated once and for all is the debasement Of Nature. Nature does not forgive failures. A cellular breakdown can also cause death and on a philosophical level the failure to address slavery wherever it is located leads to a lack of faith in Man. The lack of faith is the underlying consequence of replacing unawareness and neglecting one’s sense of responsibility by denial and its restless search for scapegoats. And as we all know denial seriously blurs the way we perceive TBP - the big picture - which is inescapable no matter what.

Furthermore denial also affects our control over little things; ideally when we’re able to think straight the micro and macro end up merging and consequently sustain the view of a broader picture. Only a Fountain of Youth - infinite life spans - could help us decipher the Universe; or unless one is Buddha’s reincarnation, 75 years are just too short to get to the existential bottom line. Nature’s debasement also consists in making the masses believe that a hierarchical structure can prevent humanity from being thrown into chaos. It is not so surprising if People often visualize The Eden as The Kingdom Of Liberty but spend more time to picture our planet as a living Hell.

Truth to be told, free will and freedom will forever inspire the worst fears because they cannot be commanded. The dilemma in a nutshell: based on such a state of mind, freedom must be fundamentally evil... mustn't it?Alas the human mind is not tailored nor predisposed to make certain deductions naturally: Man must learn and doing so requires an open mind, a sense of individualism and critical thinking as well. Even though Truth is invariable and constant in a not so distant future, perceptions of the Truth will have changed whatsoever.

Nobody finds being proven wrong exciting. It is however intriguing to see how so many seem to be convinced about the accuracy of their knowledge. From an early childhood we are taught that this is how the “model” has always functioned and have been persuaded that its structure is unalterable, along with some Powers That Be – PTB – in the background and who supposedly take care of our welfare.

Yes our welfare, while a quick reality check tells us that the PTB have always had one and sole vision: the Empire and if history is any indication, the empire syndrome has plagued Mankind ever since. So what now? Awfully the Western Supremacy Bubble is no exception.Masses generally get caught by the Empires’ web of deceits because of the Empire always goes first through an apogee and its temporary but awesome benefits. Selling “the” empire is actually a very easy task therefore: all what is needed is irrational exuberance - just think of the stock market. Then follows the tipping point caused by an ever growing power whose lies have become exponential. It is also found out that Empires are financially not sustainable. Eventually cracks start to appear and masses end up holding the bag and get whacked in the worst case scenario. Empires have always been marketed to the gullible people as sustainable formulas. All is a matter of perception and giving the sense that today "they" know better: “this time will be different”.

That’s right, this time is truly different! Is the rise of a Global Dictatorship truly different? If you really think that Hitler was dead, how is it possible that our Western economic policies unnecessarily kill 7 million people yearly in the developing world and that this very genocide has been going on for at least 30 years as reported by John Perkins? To be fair many (in the so-called rich world) view the system as imperfect but as long as the majority seems to cope, the same folks choose apathy over action. Why bother: “If the PTB are seemingly kind with us, they wouldn’t burden us with so many debts, would they? So the problem must be elsewhere. If so how does one explain that U.S. has about $80 trillion in future entitlement promises -- unfunded liabilities -- about six times larger than the whole economy? This is not about bashing America; similar trends are observable in every so-called wealthy areas of the globe.

Indeed. Why bother if the same elites have the habit to finance the two sides of any conflict, the loser supplied with food and drugs and the strongest with artillery… why bother with objectivity and dissent: the policy of “see and speak no evil” facilitates greatly social contacts between successful and beautiful people… Why the heck bother if everybody “does it” anyway. Why bother if taxation is one of the most powerful weapons available to the PTB as means of transferring wealth in favor of their rich pals, closest cheerleaders and punishing their nemeses. Why bother trying to root the corruption out of the markets because if we did everything would collapse over night… Indeed why bother: a slow decay that is obviously preferable over instant chaos – let the next generation deal with it! Now let’s be clear: thinking that the next generation will and/or should fix things is a sign of moral bankruptcy, which condones social disruptions. Getting away with a lie done to a pal or a relative is a lot much easier than lying to a whole nation. Yet John and Jane Doe are convinced that wars will always exist; sadly because they are among those avoiding their own responsibilities and unwilling to voice their concerns out about the system failures openly. They have no (sorry, damn) clue as how political lies impact their lives whatsoever. As long as their existences can continue the way they see it fit… One thing is more than certain though: some day war will become obsolete one way or another, either because every nation will have a “red button” to make the planet explode and will use it as a deterrent or just because the threat will have been implemented and that Earth will have ceased to exist. Do we have to reach that breaking point to grasp the delusional meaning of war and thirst for power? That this idea is no freakin’ utopia in some Lalaland?

Nowadays there are a bunch of people who willingly work two and even three jobs because a government theft (named “inflation and taxation”) deteriorate their purchasing power and that they have to sustain their lifestyle. Scaling back on their spending habits is not an option for them, nor do they ask themselves why their purchasing power has vanished over the time. Fifty years ago, one middle class salary was enough to pay the expenses of a family of 4 and even 5. Now both, the mother and the father, must work 40 hours weekly and live from paycheck to paycheck and their savings rate is negative. If they want more, at least one of them must have a second job. Let’s be realistic, this is called economic serfdom. This is why a sound monetary system is necessary. It is very dangerous to have a monetary system with a currency that is only worth “our” confidence. How “confident” exactly are you that your neighbor can pile on debt to feed “our debt based-vulture capitalism”? Can’t you smell a rat?

Then there is a category of human beings who engage in certain behaviors even when knowing the important risks associated with them. Thinking that it is “their” problem after all, where is the catch would you ask?Let’s summarize the big picture: since planning has always been the governments’ mouthpiece those very behaviors work in a way to destabilize what was planned insidiously and thus set in motion the next crisis. In short it is called “shooting oneself in the foot”, something the PTB has grasped and learned to use at their advantages. So there you have it: the PTB just need to come up with brilliant ideas to get voters but know that in the long run everything they promise is... doomed.

From weird to weirder: from what I heard on the radio in the last 2 weeks, in China submitting the government family's funeral expenses is now a law while in America now 80% of the population living in hurricane areas does not take insurance policies anymore but expects the government (taxpayers) to finance their new homes. The similarities here consist in the governments’ omnipotence. In China it is imposed. In America people ask for it. The result is alas the same.

As a matter of fact, the more knowledge the more power over the others. Power wants you to remain as ignorant and stupid as possible. Without this axiom, the rulers cannot claim to have the solutions - to the problems they foster themselves because the use of coercion and force is unethical.

There is no such a thing as enforcing good actions
. So how logical is the idea to ask the elites to protect our interests? Moreover there is less than 5% of the population that are truly in control, the rest (especially the upper and middle classes) think they are but too nurture delusions. My advice: let’s wait for the housing crash and the ensuing witch-hunts. Sure the most distressing will be for the little guys who are going to be left holding the bag. It's gonna be staunchy and dirty, worst that the Savings & Loans Crisis! Reality is just too painful for many to endure: imagine Angelina Jolie and her brave UN endeavors while that very infamous organization has a record of more than 40 years of failure, works with loan shark providers such as the IMF and the WB, shelters firms that have links to the military industrial complex and can’t even help prevent genocides.

Wait, it gets even nastier. On the other hand centralization of power does not and cannot respect the effect called “time preference”: what suits an individual may not for another in the same time frame period. This is why the system will never be regulated enough. At some point too many regulations will exacerbate the collusion or plots between the system-cheaters, especially for those being on top: laws will end up being drafted in their favor because they actually own the high-powered food chain represented by our politicians, media and the military industrial complex. “Deregulations” will always be uncovered because the elites make the rules for themselves; they wouldn’t be the elites otherwise.

In the broad sense today the world system is being threatened with too many regulations and because truth is hidden from the people who have no idea about what reality truly is.Reforms simply mean new regulations that will be proven useless or unworkable after a while. But of course "reforms" are excellent tactics to get votes in due time. Based on 6,000 years of history, centralization has failed to achieve its goal and the repeated wars and financial meltdowns have proven this. Supporters of centralized planning behave like junkies that do not want to recognize the property rights based on absolute ownership and human sovereignty which is a concept that places the individuals before the “group” are the only weapons to end any form of cartelization. Corporatism today is no more less than keeping corporations on welfare with our tax-money. Lions and zebras do not sleep together, do they?

Though it is interesting to notice that the lions eat once weekly and that fat animals don’t exist in the wilderness!In economic term "fatness" translates into “super wealth”. Up to this day “being filthy rich” implies that unethical deeds have helped accumulate assets. And this regardless of the awareness of the so-called Wealthy themselves since many end up being duped by the system too. Take the U.S housing boom for example, and which could not have come alive without “all kinds of exotic loans, a technique called house flipping, reckless speculative schemes, etc”. Yet masses have always praised signs of wealth, generating envy and the will to join the ranks of the powerful. There are so many rewards to be obtained from our monopolies, they think. Please bear in mind: Mogul Donald Trump has fooled bank shareholders by filing twice for bankruptcy. Bill Gates couldn’t have made it if he hadn’t gotten mega loans to takeover the planet, which helped him defeat “natural” competitors. Right now, every man and woman rich enough to afford a "personal wealth manager" is guilty of participating in the legal plunder of natural resources and polluting the planet for the sake of pure profit, using a mega pyramid-scheme called the stock market.

People engaging in risky behaviors generally do so because “time is money”. But as I stated earlier (in Part 1) the path of the least resistance is too often lethal for the participants themselves or the others when the risk can be shifted. Well, risks are always shifted unwillingly or not. Every unethical deed has a Karma, must be paid by either the family, the neighborhood or the planet, depending on its scale. Instead of blaming irrationality maybe is it about time to adjust our train of thoughts here again. Irrationality per se does not exist. What some call irrationality is rational for others, it just depends on hard data and parameters being used. Only knowledge defines the (ir)rationality factor. Mental illness aside, if you perceive somebody or a group of people as irrational and thus not dangerous based on the assumption that you know better, you’d better watch out. What I mean here is that the 5% of the population who obviously know much better is far less dangerous than the 80% of ignorants. Still banking on Armageddon?

(PS: the 15% able to grasp the big picture are shaking their heads in disbelief and pray for the Four Horsemen to spare them)

Banking On Armageddon: The Revelation Hoax - Part 1

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

This is a quote that has been around for quite some time but I wish I could recall who wrote it first. Having recenlty been caught in some intense discussion that left me pondering, today I'll let the devils' advocate within me offer her two cents. There is a crowd out there who expects to be redeemed and rescued by God at some point down the road and I find this state of mind frightening enough in itself. Not that I am anxious to face the Creator Of All Things, that would make me belong to that very crowd.

Presuming that only The Great One can end the mess pratically overnight is rooted in a cheap logic that spreads laziness and worst a lack of self-confidence. In case you're just speculating on my account I am not a creationist either but I have no problem with the idea or the concept of a Supernatural Intervention which I'd add, has made everything work perfectly, Man included.

The lack of knowledge combined with the path of least resistance will always remain a lethal cocktail in many instances, especially when applied on a large scale and coercively. They also are the ingredients needed to create a climate of serfdom. Organized religions consequently thrive to survive, just like you and me and will always find a way to remain acknowledged. Therefore it shouldn't come as a surprise that the root of the word is the Latin verb ligo, comes religo, to tie or bind over again, to make more fast - from religo. The point I am trying to make is that submission in this particular case may easily mean the irrationality of following The Scriptures word by word, a doctrine which has been instilled over the centuries by the devout religious leaders of the three monotheistic faiths equally. All of which have serious motives to keep things the way they are, in other words stagnant.

Fundamentalism is a very important factor. Without an ultimate threat, that of Armageddon more precisely, the three religions would most likely have merged by now, possibily been replaced with a fourth one . If this hasn't occurred don't look any further than the famous quote when power is at stake: Divide and Conquer.

The People who drafted the chapter of The Revelation were simply geniuses. As much as
those behind our fascistic debt propelled monetary system and so many other social hoaxes. There exist terrifying interpretations of the Four Horsmen but here is an interesting one - that I do not endorse per se. Today and unless one is gravely illiterate nobody should doubt that some parts of the Bible have been gravely corrupted, twisted to suit the interests of TPTB (read: The Powers That Be) thousand years ago and this to serve further agendas rightfully. Have you ever noticed the recurrent and intriguing trend about just every religion: they all generated their own dark-ages after a golden age phase, why is that?

Who can regulate our fears is the master of everything.Anyone having achieved high school is aware that spiritual fears have dominated Man's realms throughout the ages. Though it should strike us as odd that Jesus' words do not allude for certain to eternal damnation in The Gospel of Judas. This has always been what the Gnostics and the Christian Anarchist theological and social philosopher Jacques Ellul believed by the way. Why should I consider such points of view today, would you ask? Well in time of universal deceit the Devil wears pink and mainstream ideas are like highways, they provoke collisions in chain. Being in the majority alters behaviors, too often makes humans resemble a herd of sheep jumping off a cliff. On a more existential level, it is a proven fact that historically many societies - among which some were very advanced - have existed and been destroyed, wiped out... before ours. After all the only thing that doesn't change is the change itself. Not that I consider myself an alarmist, I have kept in the back of my head that the Mayan Calendar ends December 21, 2012 exactly. Creepy ins't it?

Realistically every civilization has prophets warning the crowds of "the end of days" in their own languages and metaphors though but on the other hand we can firmly embrace the conclusion that "Life On Earth" always survived. Even after the symbolic fall of Sodom And Gomorrah or even Babel for example. Although ancient civilizations are not my field of expertise I can tell you that I subscribe to the view that history ought to be debamboozled seriously.

Should hidden history keep you guessing, here is a book titled
The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations which may help you see through the fog. Going back to our Armageddon D-day, while it is true that any disaster can cause apocalyptic death rates, it does't mean that the planet will be annihilated. Unlike us Mother Nature can forecast everything. While TPTB behind this war without end want us to focus on rooting out evil under the pretense of avoiding Armageddon, I would ask you to take a cold but very close look at the arm race and war cycles and how they originate. One does not need to have a Mensa registered IQ to grasp the role played by progressive taxation, without which TPTB couldn't find a way to finance them.

This reality becomes even more painful and awful knowing that every citizen is supposed to pay for his protection but remains at the mercy of an out-of-control corporate sponsored government whose plots will shatter his life or that of his beloved ones eventually. Ask you this silently: how many wars per century? One thing is more than certain: the Armageddonites are very close to their most intimate wish and it is all what counts in their eyes. Yet again this upcoming taxpayer induced Day Of Reckoning must be rejoicing them. Whatever happens remember that lies are exponential and cause highly damaging bubbles of cherished delusions.

Still banking on Armageddon?