Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RE: Corporate Responsibility Is Bunk

No later than two weeks ago, an article released by the Wall Street Journal dedicated to Milton Friedman and his take on corporate responsibility retained my attention. Friedman couldn't see any good in corporate altruism which he calls an oxymoron. This said, I never was a fan of his monetary solutions which were very fiat money friendly.

According to true liberals such as Friedrich A. Hayek, we as human being cannot see beyond the scoop of our own survival concerns, we simply are incapable to sense what others truly need and thus end up putting ourselves in a state of perpetual servitude when trying to intervene in the others' lives. Hence the so many wonderful altruistic theories on papers that never translate into the real life.

Nonetheless enforcing altruism is the centerpiece of today global socialism and the flaws quickly become apparent as soon as one realizes that socialism needs capitalistic market forces to feed and sustain itself. This is mainly why that ideology has spent decades to fight its own shadows and demons.

Among so many examples illustrating that corporate responsibility is bunk, we have the case of Starbucks exposed by the documentary "Black Gold" and which talks of rampant poverty among the Ethiopian coffee growers. In the same vein, I strongly recommend to watch "The Corporation". Only a few bad appels? I think not!

Then we've got that of the former Pfizer VP, Peter Rost, who has joined the rank of the whistleblowers by revealing how corporations - and the big pharma more precisely - avoided paying taxes for decades, using loopholes provided by transfer price techniques and financial heavens. In this sense it shouldn't be really astonishing to find out that 2/3 of the corporations didn't pay any taxes during the Clinton-boom years whatsoever.

Sure any of this is particularly new. Corporations go where they have profits to make even if this means trading with the enemy or implies just plain looting as explained in "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man". To give you an idea, today the West sells more weapons to developing countries than ever, but it will never fail to adjust the rescue packages in term of humanitarian aid.

As a matter of fact, TV Commercial always portray our corporation as entities militating for the betterment. Look at our TV anchors, they will rather criticize China while avoiding the pollution mega disaster that our own relocated corporations have done there, the mainland's pollution scourge costs the country roughly $200 billion a year the report says! Right, they were able to do so because of the deeply flaws found in the leftist ideology. Our corporations have embraced blatantly the opportunity to pillage this part of the planet for the sake of their "cheap-item greedy consumers" who took advantage by going on an unprecedented multi-decade long spending binge. Cynically that are the same consumers who want corporations to be responsible. Allo Houston, we have a problem!

By now it should be cristal clear as why asking others to be in charge comes down to shifting the risk at the expenses of many and the environment as well.

The other day as I was exchaning a few emails with someone from the banking department and whose name will remain anonymous, I told my correspondent that it was about time to bring the naiveté of the mass people to an end. That it was essential for them to see life without pink tinted glasses. That our society as a whole would gain much more by knowing what the human nature and honest money are truly about, it is the only way to give free trade a meaning and eradicate up to 65-70 percent of the violence overnight and worldwide.

There are only two choices: raising our IQ or... the road to Babeldom.


At 3:41 PM , Blogger BFU Rector said...

...socialism needs capitalistic market forces to feed and sustain itself. This is mainly why that ideology has spent decades to fight its own shadows and demons. very nicely stated. I'm adding this as a quote to my free market - free society lens. Let me know if you object and I'll remove it.


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